It’s cougar recruiting season!
Treat yo’self by referring new members!

How does it work?

  1. Introduce your partners, friends, co-workers and friends you made at the bar to the Cougars & Mulholland’s Ladies

  2. Send their name, number and email to Padraig Cremin (+1 (818) 321-3964) so we can add them to the club Whatsapp, FB and email list

  3. Make sure when your referral signs for the Cougars or the Mullholland’s they put you as their reference!

  4. Your referral pays their dues and you get refunded on yours after the program closes!

What do I need to do and for what?

  • Refer 1 new player - $25 discount on your dues for 2019, $35 if it’s a female player

  • Refer 4 new players - Free membership of the Cougars for 2019

  • Refer 6 new players - Free membership + a $100 treat yo’self voucher

  • Refer 15 new players - 100% free membership + a $500 Aer Lingus Flight voucher

Program Rules

  • Program runs until Saturday May 26th (Day 1 of SD 7’s)

  • Only renewing 2018 members can be credited references

  • Only NEW players (not returning even after going on hiatus!) count toward referral bonuses

  • Members = those that have paid up dues, it doesn’t count to just get them to training! All new members have 3 sessions to decide whether they’d like to join for the season

  • 1 prize per player, e.g. refer 1 player, you get 1X $25/35 discount, need to get to 4 players to get next bonus. Your referrals are totalled after the program ends

  • If you’ve qualified for a bonus, you’ll still pay your dues like normal and then by June 30th, you’ll get a rebate (via Venmo or PayPal) from the Cougars

Questions? Whatsapp Eoghan Geoghegan on +14243547967