In every plan, decision and action the club takes, they must be executed with the Cougars Guiding Principles in mind. Agreed by the founding club council in 2016, the below principles help us shape the club we are today and will be tomorrow.


1.     The Cougars is first and foremost a community organization, whose main aim is to create an inclusive community of people centered around the sports club.

2.     We should have a positive impact on the Los Angeles community through a commitment to work with local charities every year through volunteering or fundraising.

3.     The guiding philosophy of the Cougars is to create an American Gaelic football club in Los Angeles where membership is majority American. 

4. The leadership of the club should reflect the diversity of the playing membership.

5.     Everyone is welcome to join the Cougars, no matter their background or beliefs.

6.     Gaelic football is the sport around which the team and community are built. Members are encouraged to play and watch other sports but the Cougars will not administer for other sports as part of it’s organization.

7. Being a Cougar means representing the club positively both at our on and off field events. Cougars agree to represent the club to the highest standards through attitude, behavior and sportspersonship

8.     Should the guiding principles be changed or the operation of the club go against the guiding principles the club should be disbanded and another club set up in a different name.